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  • Rapid & Precise Estimation Services is our Identity

    A personal experience,
    like having your work done in-house but way inexpensive
  • Visualizations That Revive Your Projects Just Before Your Eyes

    Give a life to your projects before they are even built
  • Precisely Constructing Your Dreams into Realities

    Construct your architectural designs with assured quality and creativity

Who is Vigilant Consultancy?

Professional independent construction consulting firm specializing in residential, commercial, and civil construction quantity estimating, 3D rendering, and construction services.

Vigilant Consultancy is a team of highly energetic, motivated & professional individuals keen to push the boundaries beyond the limits. Vigilant Consultancy has executed a diverse and far-reaching portfolio of construction projects in the cost estimation industry. Our clients recognize our commitment to deliver the highest quality work on schedule and within budget. In meeting these objectives, we consistently place our emphasis on client satisfaction & our flexibility in working with people.

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Efficient Services

We guarantee that our work is precise and conveyed a long time before the deadline.

Skilled Crew Members

Our team possess experience in construction methodologies, thus, delivering quality services isn’t an issue for us.

Competitive Pricing

We offer customize convenient pricing plan for our clients which is very reasonable and competitive.

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