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Material Takeoff

Do you need a Quantity estimate for your proposed construction project? We have the programs and skill to Perform takeoff and estimate material Quantities with unprecedented speed and precision. You simply present your plans in PDF Format and you will get back a bill of materials on an Excel spread sheet, ready to send to your sources for pricing comparisons. You will have the budget estimate you need to get your building project underway. Let us handle it all for you: Doing the takeoff and determining the material quantities.

How Quantity Estimation is Performed?

Quantities for building material are created with RFMS Measure Flooring Software; or if you require it, another prominent system used in construction estimating today including Measure Square 8, Callidus floor planning software and more. You will benefit from a turnaround time is unmatched and accuracy that is precise.

The Role Of The Estimator

Even the most reliable software and modelling programs are tools. The human factor is still the most vital part of the construction equation. You want an experienced eye in order to achieve a successful and accurate cost projection.

An experienced estimator has the skills and knowledge to guide you through the entire process from beginning to end. His experience will enable him to fill in the blanks that always exist in the initial phases of a proposed project. He will function as the coordinator from conception to completion.

Using Estimating Software

Some of the software used to provide a building estimates overview includes:

  • RFMS Measure Flooring Software
  • Measure Square 8
  • Estimat-all
  • Callidus floor planning software
  • Planswift 9.0
  • Auto Cad

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